A File Export Indicator Example

Some of you have asked how you can export data from a chart in a text file without using the manual Export menu in NeuroShell, one that can be loaded into Excel. We have written a little indicator in PowerBasic that will do that.

You can use the indicator, but we’re also giving you the source code so you can modify it in any way you like. For example, you may want to modify it export several data streams, not just the one we provided. You may want to export in binary format instead of ASCII. You may want to export trading signals and send them to your broker.

The indicator is called File Export and it writes files into a folder called Export in your NeuroShell Trader 4 folder. You have to create this Export folder first.

The Export indicator has three parameters:

ID – a positive integer that identifies the chart writing out the file. Note that NeuroShell will not let you change this for each chart page – whatever you set it to will be the same for all stocks in the chart. The file will only be written for one chart page, so this indicator is not appropriate for charts with multiple chart pages.

Time Series – some data stream. For example, you may want to set Data to the Position parameter, so you can have a record of buy/sell signals. This data stream is returned as the indicator output.

Date Variable – don’t change this – let it default

The name of the chart written will be ID.csv, where ID is the number you fed into the ID parameter of the indicator.

Click here to download the DLL, the .tpl file, and the PowerBasic source file. Put the .dll and .tpl files in your Template folder. The File Export indicator will show up in the Custom Indicators category.

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