Probability – A Good Thing to Know (TASC October 2018)

Requires NeuroShell Trader 7.0


October 2018 TASC Example – Probability A Good Thing to Know

Be sure to close NeuroShell Trader and copy the ProbabilityDistribution.dll to the c:\NeuroShell Trader 7\template directory before you try to open the chart.  Both files are included in the October 2018 TASC Example .zip file.

The Probability Distribution File indicator on the chart is a generic indicator that may be applied to any data stream.  All you have to do is change the Max and Min values for your particular indicator and customize the number of bins to use for the distribution.  Each time you use the indicator on a chart, change the File Name Number to a unique number.

These indicators will write out a text file such as ProbabilityDensity1.csv that is stored in the c:\\ directory.  The number in the file name corresponds to the File Name Number in the indicator.





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