What to do if NeuroShell and Interactive Brokers become out of synch, e.g. loss of connection

Sometimes NeuroShell and Interactive Brokers will become out of synch when using Integrated Trading. For example, NeuroShell may think you are long, when in fact your IB account shows you being short or in no position at all. The most common reason is closing out a NeuroShell chart, sending orders within IB TWS that change the existing position and then reloading the NeuroShell chart which expects you to have been in the same position as when you closed the chart. Other reasons, include manually making trades in the IB TWS that change positions initiated by NeuroShell while a NeuroShell chart is still loaded and trading, internet connection issues with IB TWS that cause order transmitting problems, etc.

To resynch NeuroShell and IB trading, you should do the following:

1) Immediately unload the NeuroShell Trader chart in question so incorrect orders will not continue to be sent out by NeuroShell.

2) If in a position with IB, manually return your IB account to a zero position by creating the appropriate orders within the IB TWS.

3) Reload the NeuroShell chart in question, making sure to say No if asked to restart integrated trading from where you left off.

4) Restart the charts integrated trading manually, which will cause NeuroShell Trader to start sending orders again once the next entry (long or short) occurs.

Note: If you wish to erase all history of your previous integrated trading from your chart (chart annotations, alert/order form trade history, trading strategy statistics, etc.) and start completely from scratch, then before restarting integrated trading manually as described in #4, either rebacktest the trading strategy in question or copy/paste the trading strategy and delete the original copy. Both rebacktesting and copy/paste will cause the Trading Strategy to forget all history of integrated trading and appear as if it was never traded before.

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