Trading Bitcoin Futures with NeuroShell Trader

We’ve been doing some preliminary research on trading Bitcoin futures contracts with NeuroShell Trader. So far we’ve discovered that DTN IQ Feed and TradeStation offer data.

DTN IQ Feed Symbols
CBOE/CFE exchange @XBT# for the continuous contract, contract multiplier 1 Bitcoin
CME exchange @BTC# for continuous contract, contract multiplier 5 Bitcoin

TradeStation Symbols
CBOE/CFE exchange XBT, contract multiplier 1 Bitcoin
CME exchange BTC, contract multiplier 5 Bitcoin

You may have to subscribe to an additional exchange in order to obtain data.  Check with your provider.

You can trade these contracts on both TradeStation (see symbols above) and Interactive Brokers using the symbol GXBT.

Acceptable order types: Limit and Stop Limit only. Market Orders will not be accepted. The futures contracts can be traded both Long and Short, which differs from Bitcoin itself.

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