Parameter Search Space Dialog – Numeric

Choose a numeric range for the optimization search space of the parameter whose name is shown in the title bar.

To select a numeric range:

  1. Enter a minimum and maximum numeric values in the indicated fields.
  2. Press the OK button.

Note that the larger the numeric range, the longer the optimization process will take.


The optimization parameter linking described below may or may not be visible depending upon the currently selected Wizard Interface Options. Press the Options button on the main wizard page to change the Wizard Interface Options.

Select an appropriate selection for Choose how the selected parameter is optimized:

Optimize Independently ‘ The parameter will be optimized independently of all other parameters. Use this option if you don’t want the parameter to be linked with other parameters during optimization and have its own unique value when optimization is complete.

Associate with parameter optimization link ‘ This parameter will be associated with the selected optimization link and all parameters associated with the same link will optimize to the same value. Use this option if you want to tie together two or more parameters during optimization so that they all have the same value when optimization is complete.

To select an optimization link:

  1. Select an existing link in the drop down list. The parameter will then be linked during optimization to all other parameters that already are associated with this link. The optimization range will automatically change to the range currently associated with this parameter link. Simply change the parameter range if you wish to change the range associated with the optimization link.


  1. Create a new link by pressing Add new link. You can assign any name you wish to the optimization link name (for example X, Y, LINK1, LINK2, CROSSOVERLINK1, MOVAVGLINK2, etc’). Note that the parameter will not be linked to any other parameters until you associate other parameters with this newly created link. To avoid having the optimization range change when existing optimization links are already listed in the drop down list, you should press the Add new link button before selecting Associate with parameter optimization.

When an optimization link has been associated with a parameter, the parameter will be displayed in the main wizard with the optimization link name followed by the search space for that parameter in brackets (for example “LINK1 [1 to 10]”).

  • To determine the range of values that are valid for this parameter refer to the Indicator Help.


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