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The is one of the integrated trading servers distributed with NeuroShell Trader and supported by NeuroShell Trader’s integrated trading interface. The Order emailer simply emails trades to a list of email addresses.

To setup integrated trading so that NeuroShell Trader sends trades to a list of email addresses:

  1. Select Options on the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Send orders to brokerage option located on the Trading Orders tab.
  3. Select from the Brokerage drop-down list.

Note: If Popup Order prompt/confirmation is checked, then NeuroShell Trader will ask you if you want to send orders before sending them, otherwise it will simply send orders without user interaction.


  1. At this point, any chart you load that has a trading strategy will NOT automatically start sending orders to a brokerage. Only charts that have active trading already setup will send trades to the brokerage. To setup active trading on a chart, select Alerts/Orders Window from the View menu and select the Trading Strategies on that you wish to actively trade from the list on the Active Trading tab of the Alerts/Orders window.

Now whenever a new trade occurs in an activated Trading Strategy, if you have selected “Popup Order Prompt/Confirmation”, you will be asked if you want to send the order, otherwise the order will simply be sent with only a brief flash of the order on the screen.

The is a separate program from NeuroShell Trader and can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen. The displays detailed order instructions (order date/time/id, symbol, quantity, chart name, strategy name, etc.) in the Order instructions list box for user information.

WARNING: The requires a valid POP3 mail account preset in Outlook Express or Outlook. If you use AOL or remote mail boxes such as Yahoo, Google, etc, you most probably do not have a POP3 account and therefore the order emailer program will not work for you.

You must setup emailing capabilities before the will actually email trades: To activate email capabilities:

  1. Select the icon at the bottom of the screen to display the interface. Note that the will only load and its icon will only appear after you have selected a trading strategy to be actively traded from the Active Trading tab of the Alerts/Orders Window.
  2. Check the Email order instructions to the following addresses box and add at least one valid email address to the list.
  3. To add an email address, simply press the Add button and type in the desired address. After you’re done, press OK, and the email address will be added to the list.
  4. The Delete button allows deleting undesired entries from the email address list.

The order emailer program itself does not actually send emails. Instead, it relies on your main email program (Outlook Express or Outlook) to do that. The order emailer puts messages in the main email program’s outgoing mail box, then the main email program should actually send the message. So, in order for the whole thing to work, you must have a valid email account preset and capable of sending emails in Outlook Express or Outlook.


After the order emailer receives order instructions from NeuroShell Trader, it composes an order message and puts it in the Outbox folder of your Outlook Express or Outlook. These programs may not send messages found in the Outbox folder immediately. To enable automatic sending, you will need to instruct your main email program to do so using the following steps:

Outlook Express – go to the Tool -> Options menu and select the Send tab. Make sure that the “Send messages immediately” box is checked. Now, go to the General tab and set the “Check for new messages” box to 1 min. The reason for doing so is that the Outlook Express checks for any outgoing messages only when it checks for incoming ones.


Outlook – go to the Tools -> Options menu and select the Mail Setup tab. Make sure that the “Send immediately when connected” box is checked.



  • Integrated trading will start with the first new entry order. If the trading strategy is already in a position when you activate it, the exit order for the existing position will not be sent to the brokerage.
  • While integrated trading is occurring, the price bars of the trading strategy will be colored yellow. If you save and reload a chart that was being actively trading, the old fill prices and yellow areas of active trading will also be saved and redisplayed.
  • Note that to send trades from a prediction to a brokerage, you will need to first insert the prediction into a trading strategy and then actively trade the resulting Trading Strategy (see Example 20 for an example).
  • Integrated trading was made so that trades are only sent if they fire on the current bar. When using indicators that change values in the past, thus potentially changing trading signals in the past, NeuroShell Trader will not send a trade that pops up after the fact on a previous bar. The reason for this behavior of integrated trading is because users get very upset if a signal pops up x bars ago and they realize it was not sent out in time. Moreover, such late trade pop ups will not even appear on the graph while you are doing integrated trading so as not to confuse the situation.


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