Modify Parameter’s Display Properties (Professional Only)

The Modify Parameter’s Display Properties dialog allows you to specify the order in which parameters are to be displayed (if at all), the name of the parameter to be displayed in the Indicator Wizard (and other places), and the default values for the custom indicator (if defaults are desired).

To hide a parameter from a user in the Indicator Wizard, and elsewhere, select the Hidden from user option (this will not be an option if the parameter is a Time Series). Note that if you hide a parameter, the parameter will essentially be unchangeable from its current value. You will not be able to set this parameter to a different value or optimize this parameter.

To change the location of the parameter in the Parameter List of the Indicator Wizard and/or map two (or more) parameters to the same parameter:

  1. Select Display as Parameter Number option.
  2. Select the desired parameter number.

To change the Parameter Name, enter a new name in the Parameter Name field.

To force the parameter value to be defaulted to nothing, deselect the Default Value check box. Otherwise, to select the default value:

  1. Select the Default Value Check box.
  2. Select the  ‘…’ button to select the default value.

To set the default optimization parameter range when the indicator is used in an optimization:

  1. Enter a minimum and maximum value for Optimization Range.

Once you are satisfied with the parameter’s display order, the name of the parameter, and the default values for the custom indicator select the OK button.

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