Modify DLL Parameter (Professional Only)

The Modify DLL Parameter dialog allows you to define the properties of the DLL parameter so that NeuroShell Trader will know how to send/receive data from your DLL procedure properly. For more information download the Software Development Kit (SDK) from the tech support and advanced user web site:

To define the DLL parameter:

  1. Select the Declaration Type for the parameter (if the DLL Call is expecting a variable of size integer you need to tell NeuroShell Trader how to pass the data).
  2. Select “How should NeuroShell Trader utilize the parameter?” This tells NeuroShell Trader if it should pass data to the DLL parameter (As an Indicator Input), use data returned from the DLL parameter as the output (As the Indicator Output), if it should pass the number of elements in the time series (As the number of values in Time Series input(s)), if it should pass the Julian Date (As the Date), or if NeuroShell Trader should ignore the parameter (Ignore the Parameter).


  • If you select the DLL parameter to be an Indicator Input you will need to select a name for the parameter as it will show up on the Parameters screen of the Indicator Wizard. Additionally, you will need to select the type of values are acceptable to be passed to the DLL parameter (Time Series and/or Numeric Value). Finally, if you have selected that it is acceptable to pass a Numeric Value, then you will need to define what numeric values are acceptable (i.e., Real Number, Real Number > 0, Integer >= 1, or etc.).
  • Once you create a DLL Call you may save it as a custom indicator, so that you don’t need to redefine the call every time you want to use the indicator.
  • For more information on defining DLL Calls download the Software Development Kit (SDK) from the tech support and advanced user web site:
  • Julian Date is consider to be the number of days since December 31, 1899.
  • When using the DLLArray indicator all inputs, outputs, and date parameters must be passed by reference (byref or *). This is so NeuroShell Trader can pass a pointer to the array of input, output, or date. Otherwise only one value can be passed.


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