Interactive Brokers Run Time Errors (13, 450)

Do NOT Download the Interactive Brokers API!

NeuroShell installs all the software you will need to accomplish interactive trading with Interactive Brokers (IB) except the IB Trader Workstation (TWS) itself. If you want NeuroShell to trade with IB you should first read all of the documentation about trading with IB in our help files. Then you can download the TWS itself (not beta versions) but DO NOT download or install the programmer’s API. If you do you may find yourself unable to do interactive trading with NeuroShell, and you may get a runtime error like 13 or 450. The reason is that IB frequently builds new releases of their API that are incompatible with the previous releases that NeuroShell has been set up to communicate with. These new versions of the API do not affect your trading one way or the other, they only affect programmer interfaces. Although we frequently update our versions of the API that we install, IB provides no warning to us when they are about to make changes, so to keep yourself out of trouble, heed our advice and do not install the API yourself.

You could also run into trouble if you install IB trading interfaces from several vendors on the same computer, because the versions some vendors install could conflict with those that others install.

If you have failed to heed this advice read on:

The following are steps to take if you encounter a runtime 13 or 450 due to installing the latest Interactive Brokers API on their own.

To restore the compatible Interactive Brokers API which is automatically installed with NeuroShell Trader:

1) Uninstall the ‘TWS Interoperability Components’ using Add/Remove Programs from Windows Control Panel

2) Uninstall NeuroShell Trader using Add/Remove Programs from Windows Control Panel

3) Erase the files Tws.OCX and TwsSocketClient.DLL from C:\Windows\System32 or c:\Windows\SysWOW64 depending on which version of Windows is installed on your computer.

4) Reinstall NeuroShell Trader

5) If necessary, reinstall Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation. However, DO NOT REINSTALL any Interactive Brokers APIs!

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