Ichimoku Lines (Futures March 2011) (March 2011)

Ichimoku lines and clouds are very popular, and there are a number of articles about them, many written by Cornelius Lucas who authored the March 2011 Futures article. However, his articles are on the web, as are many other articles on Ichimoku. The purpose of this tip is only to show you how to draw the Ichimoku lines on a NeuroShell chart, not to introduce you to the theory.

There are five Ichimoku lines, two of which are usually plotted on charts into the future. These two lines are the “leading” or “span” lines which form the boundary of the “cloud”. NeuroShell cannot plot any indicators into the future except Predictions. However, the “cloud” is usually analyzed in terms of where the CURRENT market is with relation to the cloud. Therefore, you can still make both analytic and discretionary decisions by looking at the current price level compared to the current cloud boundaries.

NeuroShell also cannot fill colors between the two leading lines which form the clouds, which is usually how they are displayed in Ichimoku charts.

But NeuroShell CAN optimize Ichimoku lookback periods, so do not be afraid to do that.

Click the link below to download a NeuroShell release 6 chart template, which you should save in the Template folder of NeuroShell Trader 6. Select this template when you build a new chart.

File Download


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