Deleting Data from a Chart

Deleting data from a chart can be very useful when you no longer wish to see the data on your chart.

  1. Select a data series on the chart by clicking on the corresponding line, legend text, or Snapshot View text.
  2. Once the data series is selected (highlighted with black boxes), press the Delete key or select Delete from the Edit menu.



  1. Select a data series on the chart by right-clicking the mouse button on the corresponding line or legend text.
  2. Select Delete from the pop-up menu.


  • You must make sure the mouse cursor has changed to a hand before clicking on the line or legend text. If the cursor is still an arrow or a cross hair, the selection will not occur. If you are selecting a line on the chart, it is best to position the cursor over a data point instead of the portion of the line connecting two data points.


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