Data Sources Dialog: Server


There are several tools on this tab to help you define your data server and the data that will be read from the server.

Use the drop down list near the top to select the data server from which NeuroShell Trader should request data.

Once you have chosen the data server, use the list box entitled Data requested from data server to select which data to receive from the data server. By selecting only the data that you will use, you can speed up the data mapping process when NeuroShell Trader loads and also reduce the number of items in the ticker list when creating a chart or adding other instrument data to a chart.

The Setup button can be used to setup the User ID and Password if necessary for the selected data server and the time zone in which intraday data is displayed on the chart.

Please Review Information for the server that you have selected:
TradeStation Server

  • NeuroShell has the ability to show bid and ask prices as well as bid and ask sizes when range, volume, or second bars types are selected. IQFeed provides bid and ask prices in historical data, but not bid and ask sizes. However, both are available in real time streaming data. Therefore, NeuroShell will show zero when bid and ask sizes are inserted onto a IQFeed chart.
  • If eSignal has never been run, NeuroShell Trader will be unable to find it. In order for NeuroShell Trader to find it run please run eSignal, then retry to setup eSignal as your Data Server.
  • NeuroShell will now connect with eSignal OnDemand account starting with version 6.2. Note that eSignal OnDemand accounts are limited to loading of historical daily and minute bars.  Because there are no historical tick by tick bars, NST will be unable to create second, volume or range bars when using eSignal OnDemand accounts.  Additionally, OnDemand accounts do not provide real time streaming updates, so when using an eSignal OnDemand account, you will have to right mouse click and select recalculate in order for NST to reload newer data from an eSignal OnDemand account.

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NeuroShell Trader Data Pump Server

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