Data Sources Dialog: Directories/Files

There are several tools on this tab to help you define your data directories. The process of defining data directories allows NeuroShell Trader to know the location of your data files and the type of data in each file.

You can add directories by using either the Auto Scan button or the Add Directory button

Additionally, if a data directory is no longer desired, you can remove it by selecting the undesired directory and selecting the Remove Directory button.

Finally, when adding directories you will want to make sure that the category column is correct before exiting the Data Sources Dialog. NeuroShell Trader uses several techniques to attempt Auto Identification of the Category for each directory; however, frequently NeuroShell Trader is unable to properly identify the correct category. If you want to change the category of a directory, select the directory and then the Change Category button.

  • When setting up NeuroShell Trader to access AIQ data map the directory that contains the master.ndx and master.adf files. If you are having difficulty mapping or using your AIQ data you may consider using the “Rebuild Master List” functionality in your AIQ product. Please note that NeuroShell Trader is unable to read data from AIQ’s data CD.
  • When adding files to a directory that has already been listed in the Data Directories list the file will automatically be added if the type of file (i.e., AIQ, MetaStock, ASCII, etc.) matches one of the types of files that have been previously added to the Data Directories list. If the type of file added to a directory that is already listed in the Data Directories list does not match any of the types of files listed for that directory, then the Directory will need to be “rescanned”. To “rescan” a directory you may use the Add Directory button or the Auto Scan button.

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