Calls to NeuroShell2 and Predictor/Classifier Nets

You can call neural networks you created with NeuroShell 2, NeuroShell Predictor, or NeuroShell Classifier within the Trader. These net calls are special indicators in the ‘DLL calls’ category in the Indicator Wizard. You still have to train these nets within the respective programs, but they can be fired in the Trader, looking like an indicator. This indicator can then be used in a trading strategy, another indicator, or even another net. It is easy to train nets in these programs using Trader data if you use the Trader’s file export facility.

In order to call Predictor/Classifier networks, you must own the NeuroShell Run-Time Server. When you call the indicator to fire NeuroShell 2 nets you must not only pass it the inputs to the net in the proper order, but the path to the .DEF file as well. For Predictor and Classifier nets, you will need the path to the saved network file as well as the inputs.

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